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Insurance claims: Man denied car insurance claim files suit

Though most people in Texas have car insurance, they hope it's something they'll never have to use. When they need it, they are grateful to have it available. Unfortunately, some people may have their legitimate insurance claims denied, which can be devastating to their finances. This is what one man from out of state says happened to him when his car insurance company refused to pay his claim after he was in a motor vehicle accident.

The man in this case purchased a car from a relative and drove several states away to get it. During his trip home, he was in a car accident, which caused damage to the vehicle. He believed the car should have been covered by his insurance. His insurer reportedly believed the damaged car was meant to replace his previous car, which didn't carry collision coverage, only liability. His insurer denied the claim, and, according to the man, tried to dictate what repairs on the newer car would be allowed.

Protecting your wealth during divorce

You have likely spent many years of sacrifice to attain your wealth. If you are facing a divorce, you may be worried that what you have worked for is going to be unjustly taken away. If you are worried about getting an unfair outcome in a divorce settlement, you must take action early on in the process to understand your legal rights.

In Texas, community property law is recognized. This means that as a general rule, all marital property is subject to a 50/50 split between spouses. However, the courts in Texas seek to divide property fairly between spouses, accounting for the children in the family, too. The following are things that you should consider when fighting to protect your wealth in a divorce.

Gray divorce presents its own problems

A divorce can happen to any person of any age or background. However, researchers have recently seen a surge in the number of people getting divorced who are older than 50. A quarter of the people who divorced in 2010 were 50 years old or older, which is an increase of 15% from just 20 years earlier. The reasons for this are varied, but Texas families may be interested in the particular challenges that a divorce for people in this demographic may produce. A recent study found that there are certain financial difficulties that a person who experiences a gray divorce may encounter.

First, a person's household wealth may drop by half and women are the ones more likely to feel the pinch. Many people in this age bracket are trying to help their young adult children afford college, which significantly adds to the potential financial burden. Those who have a gray divorce have less time and ability to build up previous financial investments that they had to divide in a divorce agreement. For those who may have already retired but feel the need to re-enter the workforce, that can be very difficult due to their age.

Probate: Wills attributed to Aretha Franklin in question

When a person passes away here in Texas, the process of validating his or her will is an important one. If potential heirs disagree about any of the provisions of an existing estate plan, it can take a great deal of time to untangle. This is especially true if a will attributed to the deceased person is called into question by anyone who is part of the probate process. The estate of the late singer Aretha Franklin is dealing with that very issue right now, as courts work to determine the validity of handwritten wills that she may have written.

Officials say that a handwritten will was found in Franklin's couch after she died. Originally, her heirs agreed to appoint Franklin's niece as the representative for her estate. A handwritten will dating from 2010 named the niece and another individual that the court decided to appoint as co-executor.

Press Release: Perry, Shields, Campbell & Floyd, PLLC

August 1, 2019 - Perry, Shields, Campbell & Floyd, PLLC ("PSCF"), previously Perry & Shields, LLP, today announced the firm's restructuring along with news that Ryan Paul Campbell and Jance E. Floyd are new Partners, joining Senior Partners James T. Perry, Jr. and M. Tyler Shields.

Mr. Campbell works in the firm's San Antonio, Texas office, and will lead the Commercial and Corporate Division of PSCF along with being a Managing Partner. Mr. Campbell predominately handles Commercial and Corporate matters, while also overseeing the Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection Divisions. Mr. Campbell is a graduate of South Texas College of Law (J.D.), and the University of Texas (B.A.).

Mr. Floyd works in the firm's Midland, Texas office, and will continue to operate in the firm's Oil and Gas Division along with being a Managing Partner. Mr. Floyd will continue to be instrumental to the Oil and Gas Division, along with Title Examination, and Business Development. He is a graduate of Texas Wesleyan School of Law (J.D.), and Lyon College (B.A.).

Insurance claims: Woman paralyzed after insurance denied her MRI

Most people believe that when they have a medical emergency, their insurance will cover the cost of treatment. Sadly, many insurance providers seem to put profits ahead of patient care. Insurance claims don't always cover the treatments that Texas families need. This is what one out-of-state woman says happened to her when her insurance company refused to cover an MRI her doctor ordered. She has decided to take the company to court over her resulting paralysis.

The woman, who used to work as a school nurse, was helping an elderly relative exit the shower when she fell and hurt her back. She tried therapeutic yoga and nonprescription pain medication as recommended by her primary care doctor, but her pain worsened. Her doctor ordered an MRI about 2 1/2 months after she got hurt, but her insurance refused to cover the test, saying it wasn't medically necessary. Her physician personally spoke with the woman's insurance company, but it wouldn't approve the MRI until the doctor ordered it a second time.

Common concerns for estate planning

Creating an estate plan is an important facet of life, but many people fail to make one. Some people may mistakenly believe that if they are not rich or only have one child that it is unnecessary, but estate planning is important for people and families of all varieties. Experts say they want to clear up common misconceptions around estate plans, and the information they have to offer may be invaluable for Texas families.

People with children are generally concerned with what would happen to their kids in the event that they pass away. An estate plan can designate a guardian for minor children as well as a conservator to handle any finances. Those could be the same person or two different people. As for adult children, some parents worry that there will be disagreements on how assets should be divided. An estate plan can help a person keep matters private rather than going through probate, which can take time, money and be public.

Understanding your rights as a tenant

When renting an apartment or home from a landlord, you will be subject to the terms of the contract that you both signed. However, even before this contract is signed, you have certain basic rights that cannot be refuted. If you are having difficulties navigating an issue regarding your tenancy or if a dispute has arisen, it is important that you take the time to understand the law in Texas.

The following are some of your basic rights as a tenant or a prospective tenant. These rights cannot be negotiated away by your landlord in a contract. If your landlord has violated your rights before or during your tenancy, you may be able to take legal action to address this.

Community adoption match party helps foster kids in need a family

There are many ways to have a family. One of the most selfless ways to do that is through the miracle of adoption. However, kids who have been in the foster care system for awhile can have more difficulty finding their forever family. One community here in Texas decided to help those kids by hosting a match party to connect foster children with families looking to open their hearts and homes through adoption.

The event was held at a local church and provided sports activities and food for the attendees. Kids who were ready to be adopted met families who had already received state or adoption agency credentials for adoption. One man who already has one adopted child attended with the hope of adding to his family again the same way. He says the benefits are worth the hard work it takes to be a parent.

Divorce is the time to review estate plan beneficiaries

There are so many things to consider in a divorce agreement that it can be easy to overlook certain parts. One factor that many experts say people tend to forget about is changing the beneficiaries on a person's various accounts. It is important that a divorced person ensures that his or her assets are left to the person of his or her choosing. The state of Texas makes some of this process a bit more simple for certain financial accounts, but there are others that a person experiencing a divorce will want to know about.

First, in Texas, a divorce automatically designates the contingency beneficiary as the valid one for certain accounts. That means if a person listed his or her spouse as the beneficiary for his or her IRA or life insurance, a divorce will void that arrangement and designate the next person listed as beneficiary. Those who haven't listed a contingent beneficiary will have assets transferred to the person's estate.

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