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Community adoption match party helps foster kids in need a family


Community adoption match party helps foster kids in need a family

| Jun 30, 2019 | family law |

There are many ways to have a family. One of the most selfless ways to do that is through the miracle of adoption. However, kids who have been in the foster care system for awhile can have more difficulty finding their forever family. One community here in Texas decided to help those kids by hosting a match party to connect foster children with families looking to open their hearts and homes through adoption.

The event was held at a local church and provided sports activities and food for the attendees. Kids who were ready to be adopted met families who had already received state or adoption agency credentials for adoption. One man who already has one adopted child attended with the hope of adding to his family again the same way. He says the benefits are worth the hard work it takes to be a parent.

Supporters hope that this event will become an annual one. They say that these kinds of match parties can raise the profile of kids in the foster care system. Anyone wishing to adopt has to pass a background check and obtain training and licensing. The costs are kept very low and in some cases, there is no fee to adopt a child in foster care. Officials just want these kids to have a chance to be part of a family and get the love and attention every child deserves.

Even if families here in Texas looking to adopt don’t have an event like this one in their community, there are still ways to pursue adoption. One of the most important things during this process is ensuring that all legal matters are handled appropriately and thoroughly. An experienced family law attorney can help a family with the entire case so that families can focus on what’s important — giving their new children the gift of a home and family to call their own, forever.