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Woman in real estate dispute, alleges her landlord is negligent


Woman in real estate dispute, alleges her landlord is negligent

| Jun 3, 2019 | real estate |

When someone rents a property, it is assumed that the landlord will keep up with needed repairs. Unfortunately, some landlords fail to ensure that their properties are safe and well-maintained, which can lead to injuries for tenants who live there. They may end up in a real estate dispute with a negligent landlord. One Texas woman claims that this is exactly the case with her landlord after she suffered injuries when she fell through the floor of her home.

The woman claims that the incident happened as she was walking across the floor of the trailer she was renting. She was headed to the back of the mobile home to check on one of her cats when she says she crashed through the floor. She claims she twisted her ankle and suffered bruises all the way up her thigh from the fall. The injuries caused her pain for several days afterwards.

Apparently, the woman had asked the landlord to repair the floor soon after moving into the mobile home. She alleges that there were several repairs that the landlord never made to the home that she repeatedly asked him to do. She is now trying to move out. The landlord did not want to comment on the incident since the court case is pending.

Someone who is injured in an accident like this could incur medical debt or have to miss work in order to properly heal. The added expenses and lost income could put undue burden on a family. Those here in Texas who are in a dispute, like this one, with their landlord may benefit from the advice of an experienced real estate attorney. A civil claim may result in monetary damages that can be used to alleviate a family’s related financial struggles.