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Insurance claims: Man denied car insurance claim files suit


Insurance claims: Man denied car insurance claim files suit

| Sep 9, 2019 | insurance claims |

Though most people in Texas have car insurance, they hope it’s something they’ll never have to use. When they need it, they are grateful to have it available. Unfortunately, some people may have their legitimate insurance claims denied, which can be devastating to their finances. This is what one man from out of state says happened to him when his car insurance company refused to pay his claim after he was in a motor vehicle accident.

The man in this case purchased a car from a relative and drove several states away to get it. During his trip home, he was in a car accident, which caused damage to the vehicle. He believed the car should have been covered by his insurance. His insurer reportedly believed the damaged car was meant to replace his previous car, which didn’t carry collision coverage, only liability. His insurer denied the claim, and, according to the man, tried to dictate what repairs on the newer car would be allowed.

He tried to get help from his state’s insurance department, which regulates that industry, but without much help. His insurer offered to settle when he filed a claim in small claims court, but the man decided he wanted a judgment issued instead. He said this was because his insurer wanted him to sign a nondisclosure agreement. He wants to hold the insurance department accountable as well, and feels that a judgment will help him accomplish that.

However this case finally turns out, it shows that it is possible for people to seek justice when dealing with denied insurance claims. Families in Texas deserve to know that they have legal options available when their insurance company refuses to pay. Reaching out to an attorney with knowledge in this area of the law is likely the best first step.