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Insurance claims: Man fights to have his roof fixed


Insurance claims: Man fights to have his roof fixed

| Dec 14, 2019 | insurance claims |

Having insurance is one of life’s necessities, whether the policy covers a person’s home, car or medical expenses. People trust that if they make their regular payments that when they need to make a claim it will be paid. Unfortunately, many legitimate insurance claims are denied by insurance companies. Texas families sometimes find out the hard way that their insurance company is in the business of making money and not helping people. This is what one man from out of state alleges after his insurance provider twice refused his claim to cover the cost of repairing his home’s roof.

The man says that last year, his roof sustained damage due to a hail storm. He claims that a representative for his insurance came to inspect the damage and claimed that there wasn’t any. The man asked a roofing contractor for another opinion who told him that his roof was indeed damaged. The man then paid an engineer to do another inspection, at the encouragement of his insurance company. That engineer confirmed the damage once again.

Several months after the hailstorm, the man’s insurance company had its own engineer inspect his roof again, and that engineer disagreed and claimed there was no damage. The man attempted to take his insurer to small claims court, but in the state where he lives he found out he must file within a year that the damage took place. He says that because of the back-and-forth with his insurance company, his claim was denied because it was made more than a year after the reported damage.

Though this man’s claim was denied, others like him may still have other options in order to get an insurance company to pay. Denied insurance claims can be frustrating for policyholders, not to mention the financial burden that can come with them. Here in Texas, an attorney with extensive knowledge of how to handle insurance claims litigation may be the best resource for anyone in this situation.