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Divorce rates spike at different points of the year


Divorce rates spike at different points of the year

| Jan 25, 2020 | family law |

When two people in Texas decide they no longer want to be married, it is often after careful consideration. Some divorce experts claim that January is a popular time for people to file for divorce, as people often take stock of their life at the beginning of the year. However, other studies show that this may not be case

One recent study showed that only about 8% of divorces in 2019 in one state were filed in January. The same report found that March actually had the highest percentage of divorces. Experts say that while many people may begin the divorce process in January, the filing may take more time than that, which means that may happen later in the year. April and October also had higher percentages of divorce fillings in the same study.

Some experts report that they see a decrease in the amount of divorce filings over the winter holiday season. They speculate that this could be due to people not wanting to “spoil” the holidays or that there is simply too much going on for people to have the time to file. This can also be compounded by the fact that many courts are closed over Christmas holidays, since judges are people too and enjoy having time with their own families. Some people may also consider the financial implications of waiting to file for divorce in the new year so they can still file their taxes jointly with their spouse for the previous year.

No matter the circumstances, people know that divorce can have a significant impact on their entire life. Those here in Texas who have questions about getting a divorce may want to consult an experienced family law attorney. It may be the best way to start fresh, whether it’s the start of the year or not.