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Family’s insurance claim denied over serious damage from squirrel


Family’s insurance claim denied over serious damage from squirrel

| Jan 11, 2020 | insurance claims |

Families and individuals here in Texas have insurance policies for many things in their lives, including their cars, businesses and their homes. Though they hope they never have to use insurance, it is comforting to know that it is available in the case of an emergency. However, there are times when an insurance claim is denied, which can be a source of financial strain and stress for policyholders. One out-of-state family may be going through just such a situation after they returned home from their holiday vacation to discover that their home was significantly damaged by a squirrel.

The family says that their home security alarm went off while they were out of town for the winter holidays. When a friend went to investigate, there was no sign of burglary, so the family chalked it up to some kind of malfunction. However, when they arrived home, they found that a squirrel had caused significant damage to the house. It nested in their couch, left droppings all over the place and even left the faucet on. There was also damage to wood all around the home that looked as though it would be expensive to repair. 

The family says that an insurance adjuster came to the home, but that their claim was denied afterwards. The company claims that there is an exclusion for damage caused by rodents and vermin. The family thinks the squirrel came in through the chimney and couldn’t back get out, so it doesn’t seem as though there was an infestation from not maintaining the property.

The family says that they trusted their insurance company to make them feel secure. Unfortunately, insurance companies sometimes put profits over people and deny claims. Those here in Texas who feel their insurance claim should have been approved may want to consult an attorney with knowledge in this area of the law. Civil litigation may be the way to get an insurance company to fulfill its stated purpose of helping clients during difficult times.