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If you’re planning for the future, remember your living will


If you’re planning for the future, remember your living will

| Jun 12, 2020 | estate planning |

There are plenty of steps that you can take to protect your assets and personal possessions, but what you need to protect most of all is yourself. When you’re thinking about your estate plan, it is much more than just preparing for your death. An estate plan can also help you during your life.

One part of the estate plan that you shouldn’t overlook is your living will. Your living will, along with any other advance directives you create, will protect you when you cannot make medical decisions yourself. Advance directives are designed to give different choices to your caregivers and doctors if you’re terminally or critically ill. Included in your estate plan should be the appointment of the person you’d like to have as your health care power of attorney. You should also include your living will, which explains your wishes regarding medical care when you can’t speak for yourself.

Why have a living will? You can’t predict when you’ll get hurt

One of the main reasons to have a living will is because you can’t predict when you’ll get hurt. You don’t know if you’ll get into a serious car crash today or have a sudden medical emergency. With the right legal documents in place, you’ll be able to relax knowing that there is someone appointed to make health care decisions for you if you can’t. There will also be information about what you want to have happen, so that you know you won’t wake up to find that your wishes weren’t respected.

If you’re ready to draft your living will, your attorney can help you draw it up. This is a protection that everyone should have prepared.